Redeveloping the Master Brewer site – at last!?

In response to news of the go-ahead for 514 new homes to be built on the fomer Master Brewer site, local Lib Dem spokesperson Jonathan Banks asks "is this the right development in the right place"?

You’ll probably recall the hotel that stood here until 2008 – which was demolished the following year. Since then this site, just 200 yards from Hillingdon Station has awaited redevelopment. I’m in favour of developing brown field sites as opposed to developers taking chunks out of the green belt, and I recognise the need for more houses – especially affordable ones. But I’d just like to ask – is this the right development in the right place?

Last month, the (Conservative) Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick gave the go-ahead for 514 homes to be built here. He’s apparently sided with the Labour Mayor of London, and against some local opinion, our Conservative led Council, and our 2 local Tory MPs!

Concerns include:

  • the density of the development: whilst such a high number of dwellings maximises the developer’s profit, many local residents dislike the impact this will have on the area
  • it comes with only 154 car parking spaces – not enough for so many homes - potentially causing issues elsewhere
  • the increase in traffic generated making often difficult congestion even worse
  • the A40 being just over 20 metres from the development – bringing problems of noise and air quality for the new residents

I’d like to see something done here – just not this version. Seems like it’s a done deal though and I feel we’re being let down (again) by both Labour and Tory politicians. A plague on both their houses!

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